Written by RThomas on December 30, 2010

Today we start a new series where we get to know the notable personalities of Magic-League.com.com a little better. Our first comes from the coverage director himself, Weedmonkey.

Q: Please introduce yourself so we can get to know you a bit better.

A: My name's Andrew Starr :) I'm 21 and currently living in Bathurst, Australia. I just finished a degree in teaching 5-12 year olds.

Q: When did you begin playing Magic? When and how did you find your way to Magic-League.com?

A: I would've started playing Magic around Mercadian Masques or so, and started seriously playing around Invasion. As for Magic-League.com...it would have been 2002 or 2003 I think - I can't remember the exact time :P. I found Magic-League.com through Magic4you.nu (and when Magic-League.com was still a branch of that site), and stuck around. I took a hiatus around 2005, and then came back on a more consistent basis at the end of 2006. I've been here ever since. :)

Q: In your own words, describe what you do at Magic-League.com.

A: Right now, most of my position involves trying to develop a comprehensive coverage plan for Magic-League.com. When I inherited this position from Gerrardfo, part of my goal was to turn coverage into an active element of Magic-League.com rather than the red-headed stepchild it has been.

It's been a difficult road, and one I've written about before - in the 12 months since I've taken over, I've learned a lot from my mistakes, and at present have been using the lessons I've learned to develop a plan to be integrated into the new site currently being developed.

Q: When you say it was a red-headed stepchild, what do you mean? Was it simply an orphaned section of the league when you took it over?

A: I think there's two main reasons behind this: The first is that coverage directors past have failed to recognise that for coverage to be effective, there needs to be effort put it by the community in order for it to function - like the judge department, this is one area of Magic-League.com where the Director cannot run things alone.

The second reason is that Magic-League.com's community primarily consists of people who are players first and writers second - if they want to read articles, they will look at a site whose focus is on articles. If people wish to write articles, they will usually write them for those sites because of the wider exposure they will receive.

The challenge I have is trying to bring those back to Magic-League.com - and it is a very complex challenge at that.

Q: What's your vision for the coverage department going forward? What sort of role do you see articles and profiles playing in the future of the Magic-League.com?

A: My vision for coverage going forward is for it to be user driven - people can submit articles, tournament coverage, and have it displayed for everyone to see. From there, it is up to the community driving coverage to recognise the best writers and articles.

For profiles, I see them as a way to provide more of a personal feel to Magic-League.com through getting to know Magic-League.com better.

Q: In your opinion, what is it that keeps people returning to Magic-League.com? There are many other conduits through which magic may be played, both casual and competitive. What makes Magic-League.com stand out in your mind?

A: I think one of the greatest drawcards of Magic-League.com is the ability to test without limits. We have for a long time been a source of innovation through decks people have piloted on here, and there is a great degree of testing at your fingertips that often cannot be found elsewhere

I also think that the community and personal ties to Magic-League.com keep people coming back. In the past month alone I've seen people pop their head back in that I haven't seen for years. :D

Q: So you would say that Magic-League.com.com is more than simply a friendly place to play magic, then?

A: I think for a lot of the old guard it is. One trend I've seen though with newer players is they often only see it as a testing ground - there's little interaction with other community members and the focus is on competitive play - something that I disagree with. This is a trend I've seen change in recent weeks though, which makes me happy.

Q: What's the future hold for Magic-League.com and its players?

A: I think we will continue to grow and offer more to the community. The staff we currently have are without a doubt the best in the history of the league. We have the technical prowess now to make huge steps forward, and I can only see this going up. The only thing that can stop this is the community itself.

Q: What is your favorite card, set, and block?

A: Favourite card without a doubt is Curse of the Fire Penguin. I have a soft place in my heart for the absurd, gratuitous and outright weird. :P

Set... that's difficult. I think i'm going to have to call Time Spiral on that one. The nostalgia hit when it was first released hit a very soft spot in my heart, and I have a lot of good memories of that set.

favourite block I think goes to Zendikar on this one. As recent as it is, it had an awesome storyline/backdrop with the cards to back it up.

Q: Have you had any tournament performances online or in real life that you can share?

A: Does 4-1 in a GPT count? XD Seriously though, there's nothing really of note. Because of my isolation (I live approx. 3 hours from the nearest store), I don't get to play much Magic on paper. :( Most of my tournament 'performances' are mostly stories rather than win records. :D

Q: Have you met any Magic-League.com players in real life? If not, who would you like to meet?

A: I met a few of the aussies at GP Melbourne last year. And yes, there are a lot I'd like to meet both past and present. :) nico, Gerrardfo, RThomas, KrosanHero, EarthPunk, stalker, str8, Kuberr, Ayame-Chan, WildCard, Ffancrzy, TFalcon25, the guys in #weedmonkey4you, a lot of the judges and a whole lot more. Seriously, the list is freakin' huge!

Q: In closing, what does Weedmonkey want to share with Magic-League.com and its players? The floor is yours.

A: What I have endeavoured to try and get across to the community is that ultimately, we are what makes or breaks this place. There are a lot of highs to be shared, and it is up to us to make this league great. :)

Also, watch out for TFalcon's upcoming reality dating show The Roo For You :P

Thanks for reading the first in this series of interviews of Magic-League.com's notable personalities. Look for more to come in the coverage section of Magic-League.com.com soon!

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