Written by neosystems on September 18, 2009

Hello, TugaChampion, please introduce yourself to our readers with your name, age, and where you're from.

TugaChampion: Hi! Guilherme Alexandrino, 21, Portugal

How long have you been here at magic-league, and how did you find it?

TugaChampion: I've been here since Guildpact was released. I already knew about magic-league because when I played casual with friends I had found it (during onslaught block). I know I played a game or two at the time but soon we all quit.

What brought you back?

TugaChampion: A new year in school, some new people in class and I found out 2 played Magic so I decided to dig my cards and play with them a bit. After this I went to some pre-releases, than got back to magic-league which helped me play constructed as I had almost no t2 cards.

There's been mild controversy about your becoming a judge. Can you explain what that's about?

TugaChampion: I could give a short answer but I think everyone will understand better if I give the long answer. When I started to understand the game better and play with better players IRL I started to get more confident. So I started commenting the trials explaining why I thought some decks were good or bad (I would usually just comment the ones I thought they were bad).
This started some hate towards me but nothing really evident. Also there were some guys like vlada and random that used to mess with other Portuguese players. The first time I noticed them they were in the main channel insulting some Portuguese players until the insults were towards the whole country. That's when I stepped in. Eventually these arguments and trivial comments got me more attention as also some other Portuguese players quit or became much less active.

But the critical point where I started to really get hated was when Silver got 2nd in an Extended trial with a T2 deck. My first comment in that trial I didn't even mention it because I thought I had looked at it wrong as the rest of the decks were Extended. When I really noticed it I made my usual comments. Then people started saying how it was a great meta choice and that the deck was actually very good.

I couldn't believe this and made my points. Everyone accused me of just saying the decks were bad but never giving suggestions but most of the time I actually said what I though was wrong and what was right. I kept explaining my points but in the mean time the heat of the discussion also made me enter the insults war. After this I could even just join the chat or not comment a trial and there was someone mocking me which only added fuel to the fire.
This is also the reason me and most Portuguese players go "PORTUGAL>>>>>>>>>>>ALL!!!". Many players here try to take us down and that's something we Portuguese don't like. So all in all we the Portuguese and me in particular have some guilt but all the haters also have their share of guilt. And we actually copied Flippi as he was the first to say "Germany>>>>M-L".

So speaking of which, there are quite a number of talented Portuguese players on magic-league. Is there an explanation for the Portuguese dominance, or was it kind of a coincidence?

TugaChampion: Well first we make all the noise but I realize that doing well in trials and even masters isn't something to celebrate or anything. There are good players here but they're few. There are several average players. And there are several bad players. Just an example: Once in a T2 trial I faced a Kithkin mirror in the finals. The guy had 3 Stillmoons in play but 0 fliers other than that. So on his turn he taps out for a Ranger of Eos. All in all I think there are several average or better Portuguese players playing and most of us have been playing more lately since Portuguese nationals are just next Saturday. Also the team thing made us play more to try to get first.

That makes sense. However, you personally, are a little more than above average. Can you talk about your playing career, doing well in trials, masters, etc.?

TugaChampion: I consider myself a bit above average yes, although just to annoy some people when they try to mock me I pretend to consider myself much better but really that's just when I'm provoked. Anyway I started playing pre releases IRL and a few t2 minis in here after Guildpact until Time Spiral. I only played an IRL T2 tourney - a regional which at the time was even easier than now, just 5 rounds the whole top8 would get qualified.
My gameplay still had some flaws and I couldn't get all the cards to complete my deck and still I went 3-2. After Time Spiral got out I started to play more constructed IRL making my first "achievement" (at the time it was an achievement) by Top 8ing champs with a Boros deck that I tested in m-l trials. I started to play more m-l, won a trial and top8ed a master with Gruul but failed to qualify for Nats. the following year.
Next I got MTGO and started drafting. Next season limited PTQ season I made my first PTQ Top 8. In Lorwyn was when I felt I started playing better as my limited was now decent. I managed to qualify for Nats. by rating but did poorly there. Meanwhile I never did well at constructed PTQs.
When Shards of Alara came out, I started winning more trials as last year experience added up, made 2 more limited PTQ Top 8s, got 129th in GP Hannover, but didn't Top 8 any extended PTQs besides attending 5. I qualified for Nats, did horribly in GP Barcelona, then Top 8ed a PTQ the following week. Now I have been testing for Nats. in the middle of exams (Nats. used to be in September in Portugal). Meanwhile I've done some drafts and I'm relatively happy with both my deck and my limited but with more time I would probably feel better at both specially limited.

Do you feel like you'll eventually break through to the Pro Tour level?

TugaChampion: I feel that either the rest of this season or in the following one I'll be able to. T2 is my favorite constructed format and this time I have PTQs with it. I have already top8ed the first one and intend to go to at least 1 more. I also have Nats. to try to top4. And soon it will be limited season (my favorite) but this time without damage on stack. :(

Ok, well, do you have any final thoughts for our readers?

TugaChampion: I know I didn't have the best behavior but many times I was misunderstood as some people have told me that they agree with me and I'm actually one of the few to explain my points. I have exaggerated sometimes but many of those I was provoked. Still I have been behaving now (I'm a judge after all I can't behave badly now lol) and I think people should give a second chance. In part it has been my fault and for that I'm sorry.

Thanks for your time, TugaChampion.

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by Shyft- on 2009-10-07 13:49 CET

Who hid this little gem? This is sweet.

by DS_McWerp on 2010-03-31 22:59 CET


by Kookie_Mnstr on 2010-05-10 00:34 CET

so THAT is the reason people are always hatin on Tuga!

by TugaChampion on 2010-06-02 16:41 CET

TugaChampion: I feel that either the rest of this season or in the following one I'll be able to. T2 is my favorite constructed format and this time I have PTQs with it. I have already top8ed the first one and intend to go to at least 1 more. I also have Nats. to try to top4. And soon it will be limited season (my favorite) but this time without damage on stack. :(

Not only I failed to qualify (and won't be playing anymore ptqs this season) I also failed to qualify for nats. EPIC FAIL

by HolyKnight97 on 2010-07-17 03:14 CET


by Boogaloo on 2010-11-27 08:00 CET

Ditto Shyft-

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