Written by neosystems on July 03, 2009

Hello, Caith. Please introduce yourself to everyone with your name, age, and where you're from.

Caith: Hi, I'm Jari, 27 years old. I'm from Helsinki, Finland.

So, as many magic-leaguers know, you've been the top ranked player for a long time in constructed and are always at the top in limited. How does it feel to be arguably the best player on magic-league?

Caith: I don't know if I'm the best player, but I sure like the title :) But, I don't take too much pressure of it. I'm just trying to do my best and not to make any mistakes.

What sorts of things do you do in a game to stay mentally tough and to not let any pressure get to you?

Caith: I try not to think anything but the game. Also, I believe that every game is winnable if one plays it right.

Do you think it's easier or harder winning matches online as opposed to playing face-to-face in real life?

Caith: Well, in online and IRL same amount of games are won, so, they are equal of course :) But for me, I think I play better online. Although I have better luck in real life :)

What do you think are the differences between the two that help you play better online?

Caith: There are no spectators in online matches – only you and the opponent, so that's all there is to think about.

So, having such a high rating, you must have had some memorable wins along the way. Can you describe some of them for us?

Caith: Let’s see… There's one extended match I remember couple of months back: I was playing domain Zoo vs Elves. Games were tied 1-1 and my opponent didn't get his combo going, so it went to attacking and blocking with creatures. At one point opponent had Mycoloth with Jitte, but I managed to kill Mycoloth by double blocking and finishing it off with Lightning Helix. Jitte was dealt with Duergar Hedge-Mage, even though it got few counters. In the end opponent got Fecundity in play and he was building quite an army. However I was able to to put my opponent to 3 life during the course of game. At last turn I didn't have any nonland permanents, and my hand was Dark Confidant and useless Thoughtseize. I was going to die next turn, so it was all up to the next draw step. I drew... Seal of Fire. Not enough damage but there was still one last chance. I played the Seal of Fire and Dark Confidant. Then I shoot my own Confidant with the burn spell, and I drew card thanks to opponent's Fecundity. It was Lightning Helix :)

And you felt like Craig Jones?

Caith: Not really. I don't gloat when I win. I actually felt bit bad for the opponent. However, I like the fact that the game looked unwinnable, but i managed to pull it through by playing well.

What is your deck selection process for a Trial or a Master?

Caith: I usually just choose a deck I feel most comfortable playing. I don't really try to figure out the metagame or something like that too hard. It's more important that one knows how to play their deck.

Do you do any preparation for Masters such as playtesting, sideboard tweaks, etc.?

Caith: I play on MWSplay -_-; Even though the opponent might not be the best, it doesn't hurt to practice with the deck. I also playtest with friends.

Do you play a lot of competitive Magic in real life such as FNMs or PTQs?

Caith: I try to participate in every PTQ here in Finland. I rarely play in FNMs or smaller tournaments. Also, I don't playtest with real cards at all. Therefore I only touch cardboard like 10 times a year.

Have you ever played on the Pro Tour?

Caith: I've played twice. First time in Philadelphia 2005 which was Kamigawa Block Constructed. I went 1-3. I was bit nervous and made some mistakes so I wasn't too happy about my performance there. In second time I played in Hollywood 2008, standard. I went 4-4. I almost made Day 2, but I lost the last round of Day 1. Also, I'm qualified for Austin this year. All my qualifications are from PTQs.

What is your favorite card, set, and block?

Caith: Survival of the Fittest, Tempest, and Ravnica block.

What is your favorite thing about Magic? What initially attracted you to the game, and what keeps you interested?

Caith: It's a complex and challenging game, plus there's cool stuff like dragons in it. I got into Magic through another card game called Doom Trooper. Me and my friends played it, and then we heard this another card game called Mtg which was quite popular, so we bought a Portal starter. What keeps me interested? The new sets of course. It's fun to try to figure out new competitive decks from new cards.

What advice would you give to players who want to play at your level?

Caith: Know how to play your deck, it's strengths and weaknesses, whether it's netdeck or your own creation.

Okay, last couple questions here. Favorite: Food/quote/movie?

Caith: Tuna / "This guy is un-fucking-believable!" by Christopher Walken from game called Ripper" ( / Idle Hands.

Alright, I think we're ready to wrap up! Any final thoughts?

Caith: Nothing special. I'm looking forward to nationals with m2010 in standard.

Thanks for your time, Caith. Keep on winning!

Caith: Thank you.

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by neosystems on 2009-08-04 23:16 CET

Congratulations to Caith on his Master win!

by Carpediem169 on 2009-08-18 21:00 CET

Hi Jari,

I have a question for you. Can you explain your merfolk sideboard? what you side in against what? I would really appreciate it!

Paul Nagaoka

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