Written by neosystems on July 03, 2009

Hello, CMA-Flippi. Please tell us your name, age, and where you're from.

CMA-Flippi: I am Philip Böhm, 21 from Frankfurt, Germany.

What is your job/position at magic-league?

CMA-Flippi: It's called Judge Director. This basically means I am the boss. What I don't do is handling prize support.

What are your responsibilities as Judge Director?

CMA-Flippi: I have to make sure our judges do fair rulings and run some tournaments. Also, it's important to always get new "fresh" judges into judging. I also handle complaints about judges and am responsible for the Judge Test.

How difficult is it having to write questions for and grading the Judge Test?

CMA-Flippi: Grading a judge test is very easy. It takes about 7 minutes to grade one.

Writing the judge test, I have to make sure there are fair questions for everyone. It's not fair if one player gets 10 questions about unreasonably confusing game situations while another has 10 Grizzly Bear vs Protection from Green scenarios.

How about the other side of your job - keeping track of judges, making sure everyone does what they're supposed to? What sorts of things do you do to make sure that the quality of judges stays high?

CMA-Flippi: I try to educate judges in personal chat if something went wrong in a ruling. This includes whether the ruling was right or wrong by our penalty guidelines, but also includes the judges approaches to the ruling. What questions did they ask, were they offending etc. I'm supposed to enforce our guidelines a bit more when it comes to mini-making activity. When a judge clearly misbehaves, I sometimes have to decide to dejudge that person or give it a stern Warning.

Before Judge Director and even judge, you were just a regular player like many of our readers. How was your playing career on magic-league before you became heavily invested in judging?

CMA-Flippi: After playing on magic-league for 30 days, I became a judge (for 4 years now). So, I guess the answer is: "My playing career before my time as judge was short"

Do you think judging has made you a better player?

CMA-Flippi: Yes it has.

How do you relate your roles as a DCI judge and a magic-league judge? Do you enjoy one more than the other, or are they about the same?

CMA-Flippi: My roles within the DCI and on magic-league are different. As local DCI judge, I am responsible for the smooth course of one 15 player GPT and when I'm back home, I don't really have to think about policies. On magic-league, I need to think about actions and the consequences in the long run. Running minis on magic-league is someone else's (J1!) main responsibility.

What advice would you give to players who want to become judges on magic-league, besides 'study'?

CMA-Flippi: Read the friendly cards.

Let's move away from judging and get to know you a little more. What do you like most about Magic?

CMA-Flippi: Meeting the people I know at tournaments.

Do you meet a lot of magic-league players?

CMA-Flippi: I've met most german magic-league players, _Bouncyer_, PV, Lunari, TugaChampion, and will probably meet more at future GPs.

If you could change one thing about the game in general, either rules-wise, or just how it's developed, what would it be?

CMA-Flippi: More crazy cards like Nefarious Lich, Zur's Weirding and Warp World.

What is your favorite card, set, and block?

CMA-Flippi: Gifts Ungiven and Fact or Fiction - Invasion - Masques Block

That's an interesting choice (Masques Block), since it's not one of the more popular blocks. What do you like about it?

CMA-Flippi: Masques Block limited is the most skillful format I've ever played.

Let's talk about some other favorites. Favorite TV Show, Book, Band, and Food.

CMA-Flippi: I like original, noncommerce comedy in general. Last time I read a book that's not related with my studies was Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky) and The Gift of Fire (Baase). My favorite band is Oasis. I like anything with rice.

I think we're close to wrapping this up, so one last question: If you could change anything about magic-league or make any improvement, even if it's out of your power to do so, what would it be?

CMA-Flippi: Get Koen's old enthusiasm back.

Any final thoughts for our readers, or anything you'd like to say that wasn't covered in the interview?

CMA-Flippi: Afternoon before the truth the fair would draw.

Okay, well, I'd just like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this interview. It's been great talking to you.

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by RiQuSP on 2009-07-03 19:36 CET

Lol u met me @ strassbourg, I even signed your Zur's Weirding! :D

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