Written by neosystems on June 29, 2009

So, some basic information. What is your name, age, and where are you from?

PV: My name is Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa. I'm 21 and from Brazil.

What is your job, or position at magic-league?

PV: Uh, I'm a player and a judge I guess.

When did you join magic-league and how did you find it?

PV: I don't remember. it was a long time ago. I used to go to many online leagues, such as MTGOnline and O-Gaming, and then someone talked to me about this and I came here.

Have you ever met anyone from magic-league in real life? If so, who was it, and how was the experience?

PV: I've met A LOT of people - some I knew from magic-league and some that I really hadn't ever talked to before. It was pretty cool though.

Is there anyone you'd like to meet that you haven't yet?

PV: There are plenty of people I'd like to meet that I haven't…no names. :P

Let's go away from magic-league for a little bit, since I'm sure our readers would love to know about PV: Globe Trotter and Magical Professional. So, basic information for anyone who doesn't know: How many times have you played on the Pro Tour and how many Top 8s at the PT and GP level do you have?

PV: I've played in like 20 Pro Tours. I have 4 Pro Tours and 5 GP Top 8s and I'm level 7 this year.

That's quite impressive, considering that many players hardly get one top 8 every 5 Pro Tours.

PV: Haha, I guess it is.

Don't you have a GP Statistic? Top 25 in your last 10 GPs or something?

PV:  I Top 24ed 14 GPs in a row sometime ago, but then I didn't Day 2 in both Kansas and Rotterdam, so I broke it.

What's your favorite moment on the Pro Tour? Either something during the tournament or somewhere you went with friends while on tour, etc.

PV: Well, inside the pro tour, I think when we got in the finals of the team PT. It was my first Top 8, and it was good that it was teams so I got to share it with my friends. Outside the tournament, probably when I went skiing in Geneva before the Pro Tour. I had never seen snow and it was really a breathtaking moment.

You must be exhausted flying everywhere for Pro Tours and GPs. What do you do to keep yourself in top shape so the fatigue doesn't take its toll during a tournament?

PV: I don't. It takes its toll. It's very hard for me because I have trouble sleeping on the plane and I have a pretty bad internal clock. Even when I'm at home I have some trouble sleeping and then there’s that plus jet lag. Sometimes I sleep like 3 hours before a big tournament.

Haha, fair enough. How about school? How do you explain to your professors that you're a professional Magic player and have to miss their class about 25 times this year?

PV: I'm not in school right now. I have it "locked up". I did some traveling when I was at school, and the teachers usually just let me do the exams earlier, and since I've always been a good student I've never had a problem with it, but that was when I didn't travel this much. If I were in school right now, I'd not be able to travel for like a month like I did twice this year already.

What does a typical day in the life of Paulo Vitor entail? Do you play test every day on magic-league? Have a card shop you go to each day? etc.

PV: Well, I go to a card shop on Friday afternoons mostly. My days when I'm not traveling are really unexciting - most week days that is. On Mondays I play bridge, on Fridays I go to the store then we always do something after. Other days it varies. I go to the gym. I spend a lot of time on IRC. I used to take French classes but I had to stop to travel.

Ah, you played bridge competitively for your high school or something, right? Has that game helped you develop your talent for Magic, or is it just the intrinsic quality of being a gamer inside you that helps you out with both?

PV:  I've never really played bridge competitively. I'm not good enough for that yet, and I don't dedicate enough time. I've started bridge like 2-3 years ago, so I can't say it helped with Magic, though Magic helped with bridge probably. I think it's just the same thing that makes me good in Magic works for bridge too, like the intrinsic quality of being a gamer you spoke of.

Speaking of being a "gamer", what was your first introduction to games? I remember Kai Budde saying he did a lot of Role Playing before Magic, while in his Hall of Fame profile Finkel was talking about his dad introducing him to games.

PV: Well, I've always liked card games - we used to play regular cards when I was very young: Me, my Mom, my Dad, and my brother. I've always been very competitive too. The first competitive game I found, though, was Magic.

Do you think being competitive is essential to a tournament Magic player, or do you think that anyone who is good enough to win can win, regardless of being "competitive"? In the same vein, how much has your desire to want to win given you an edge in matches?

PV: I think you have to be competitive. I don't know how much, but it has certainly helped in those situations where some people would just admit defeat and you end up winning.

Have you ever been recognized on the street, or been asked for an autograph or picture?

PV: Not on the street. I get that a lot in magic tournaments, but in a non-Magic situation, no.

What's that like for you? Did you immediately warm up to the idea of being a magic celebrity, or is it a little odd?

PV: I think it's awesome. Sometimes I've just lost a match, then I’m upset, and someone comes and says, "Can you sign this Bitterblossom?" or, "Can you take a picture with me?", and it cheers me up.

Have fans ever done anything really out of the norm that makes you remember them, like make you a cake or something?

PV: Haha, not really I don't think so.

So, a couple months ago, you've started (an awesome) column at Star City Games. How is that experience for you? Do you talk to your fellow columnists a lot?

PV: It's pretty hard to write every week about something relevant - sometimes (like now) I struggle for topics, but it's good, it's a job like any other. I talk to some of them, but hardly about SCG stuff.

Have you ever considered doing a "Drafting With" series? Those seem to be pretty popular these days, and you never really run out of things to talk about since you just draft.

PV: That would require that I use magic online. Which I hate. So no.

So, let's move on to some more mundane stuff. Favorite Movie/Book/TV Show/Band?

PV: Hmm... I don't really have a favorite movie. I liked Lord of the Rings, Contact, A Beautiful Mind, and The Butterfly Effect a lot. Harry Potter is my favorite book. I don't really have a favorite TV show or band, though I liked Nightwish a lot when they had Tarja.

What's your favorite magic card/set/block?

PV: I don't really have that.

Fair enough. So, Wizards has hired you and made you the king of Magic. As the king you can change the game any way you want. What's the first thing you do?

PV: I'd bring back the Pro Player Lounge and do stuff for Pro Players in general because it benefits me, like bringing back the 5th PT of the year.

This question is a little late, but what do you think of the new split format of the Pro Tour?

PV: I don't really like them it's hard to practice for both. Like, if you break one [format], it doesn’t take you very far, but if you mess up in one, no matter how well you do in the other, you're dead.

What do you think of Alara Block Constructed not getting a Top 8, or a PTQ season (even though you don't play PTQs)?

PV: I think it's good, because the format is terrible.

Alara Block Constructed or Block in general?

PV: This block.

What are your favorite and least favorite formats?

PV: I like Block Constructed the most (ironic huh :P) and Vintage the least.

How about your least favorite format that you have to play for PTs or GPs?

PV: Well, some particular formats are bad, like this block, but in general, then legacy.

Who, in your opinion, are the top five players in the game right now?

PV: Well, it's hard to say, because it’s at a very high level and it's almost impossible to know who is BETTER. I'd probably say: Luis Scott-Vargas, Tomoharu Saitou, Shuhei Nakamura, Marcio Carvalho (though he’s banned now), and I don't know who else.

You, of course!

PV: I don't know. I think I have like, the potential to be one of the top 5 players, but I make too many mistakes.

Okay, last few here since we've been at this for almost an hour. Lightning Bolt in M10, what do you think?

PV: Don't really care. It's a good card. That's all.

Any final thoughts? Something we haven't hit upon?

PV: Hmm, I don't think so.

Ok, well, I'd just like to thank you for your time. As a fan, it's been quite an honor to interview one of the players I always look for when I'm following PT and GP coverage. Hope to do this again in another couple years when people complain that the profiles are old.

PV: Thank you

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by two_eyes on 2009-06-30 02:34 CET

PV, if I ever qualify for the Pro Tour, I am going to bring a copy of The Curse of Chalion with me and BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH IT.

The only solution is to read it before that happens.

by mufl0n on 2009-06-30 16:00 CET

nobody ever wants to meet me :-(

by WorkWork1 on 2009-07-01 20:04 CET

PV is not mexican?! oO

by RiQuSP on 2009-07-03 19:31 CET

I almost bought PV this big jar of Nutella when I met him @ Rotterdam, but I forgot :D

PV, when you're in Holland again, def. visit me again, we can go to clubs again, just bring good shoes :P

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