Written by neosystems on June 29, 2009

First thing's first, tell us your name, age, and where you're from.

DARKING: I'm Eduardo Tavitas, 21 years old, and I'm from Monterrey city, in Mexico.

What is your job/position at magic-league?

DARKING: I'm a level 2 judge, and also I post some of the decklists you see everyday on the site after each trial. I also move a lot of the channels topic, and keep an eye on the banned and restricted list of some of the "Other" formats, specifically: Tribal, Kaleidoscope, EDH, 100 Card Highlander, Pauper, and 5-color…and, in theory, Peasant and King’s, but those never update their B/R list.

How did you find out about magic-league, and how long have you been a member?

DARKING: I honestly don't remember how I ended up on this site. I just remember it was more or less when Ravnica came out. I know because I was playing some Zombify deck using the 9/14 wurm as my reanimation target.

So, most of readers know, in addition to a judge, you are also quite a player. How many Trial wins and Master Top 8s/wins do you have?

DARKING: I'm not that good of a player actually. I'm good, but not that good. I have 4 Top 4 trials, and 1 Master Top 8 which I ended up winning.

Have you ever PTQed or played on the Pro Tour?

DARKING: I have assisted only to two PTQs so far. One limited, and one constructed. It wasn't pretty.

Have you ever met anyone from magic-league in real life? If so, how was the experience?

DARKING: No one that I didn't know already. People I know from the league tend to live not near me, and I don't travel much.

How is it being a judge on a day-to-day basis (running minis and trials, helping people resolve issues, etc.)?

DARKING: I remember when I was a new judge; it was kind of a big deal, like carrying the world on your shoulders. Especially during trials, oh my goddess, those round 1 trials when everyone keeps PMing you. Nowadays, things do seem easier, and even routine. You log in, keep an eye on the judge channel, and keep an eye people don't spam. I make the trial if I got the time, minis if I'm in the mood.

Since you are a veteran judge, what advice would you give to players who want to take the Judge Test?

DARKING: Well, studying is something people always tell. I also would say reading a lot about magic: Magic articles, listening to podcasts, and, more than not, those ruling articles for the FAQs about the sets. Those help a lot, and have answers to a lot of cards and interactions. Also, sometimes, it is easier to tell when a person is fitted to be a judge or not. There are some people that learn it very easy, while others have a hard time doing so. I am lucky to be one of the ones who learn rules easy.

Let's say you've been given complete ownership of magic-league. What things do you do first?

DARKING: Mmmm. Well, first off, I would like to look and have the site rewritten, so that it does not go down so often XD. Other than that, I would say the site run pretty smoothly. We have a good ranking system, trial system, and judge staff I'm pretty happy how the current owners keep the site

Speaking of player rankings, who, in your opinion, is the best active player on magic-league right now?

DARKING: Well, putting aside players who in fact go to the pro tour and win money (*cough*PV*cough*), you just have to look to the top teams. The Portuguese people are strong here. I could not define one sole player that I could say is the best - there are definitely a bunch of them that do well.

Fair enough. What about historically the best player to ever play at magic-league?

DARKING: I’ve been here since only a few years back, and back then I didn't care about that, but I remember names such as Pollo and Yatre. Again, I could not define the "best player of all time".

Ok, let's play the favorite game. Favorite card/set/block/food/TV Show/quote?

DARKING: Favorite card: Nantuko Husk

Favorite set: It is either Planar Chaos or Future Sight

Favorite block: Time Spiral block

Favorite food: Mmm…that’s actually hard, but I do like a lot of that "junk food" and other meals that I know will eventually kill me

Favorite TV show: I don't have a special #1, but I do like series such as Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, Taken

Favorite quote: One I like to say a lot is "One who deny reality does not deserver to live in it"

Okay, I think we're close to winding down this interview. Last question: What do you think about M10 as far as constructed impact and limited play goes?

DARKING: M10 is like going back to Alpha, where every new card holds new possibilities and new decks. Limited, I could not say until I have played with it; we'll see in 2 weeks. Constructed, I believe would be one of the core sets to make more impact in years.

Any final thoughts? Something we've missed that you'd like to say to our readers?

DARKING: Not really, just that they keep enjoying the league and keep it a fun place to be.

Ok, well I'd just like to thank you for your time. It's been great interviewing you. :)

DARKING: Any time.

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by two_eyes on 2009-06-30 02:29 CET

"DARKING: I have assisted only to two PTQs so far."

should be 'I have attended only two PTQs'. "asistir" in Spanish is a false cognate. It means "to attend", not "to assist".

Big Bang Theory rules, I knew you were a cool dude.

by DARKING on 2009-06-30 02:49 CET

oops, yes, you are right. The correct word is attend. That's why my english suck.

by Lynolf on 2009-07-13 17:30 CET

"The Portuguese people are strong here."


by HBB_Maligno on 2009-11-20 19:34 CET


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