Written by Pollo on September 01, 2007

Please introduce yourself ;-)
<CMA-Flippi> I am Philip Böhm, 19 years old. I start studying Business Administration/Electrial Engineering and Informations Technology (Bachelor of Science) in October this year at Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany)

What does the CMA stands for?
<CMA-Flippi> Central Magic Alliance, that's the biggest magic association in Germany.

You have been a judge in league for a while, are you a judge in real life too?
<CMA-Flippi> Yes, I am a DCI level 1 judge. However, i'm not as active there as i am on magic-league.

How do you feel about your recent promotion to Judge Manager? What are the first things you did and the projects you want to make in the future?
 <CMA-Flippi> I hope I can do what i am excpected to do by the players and other judges. I already observed and, if needed teached other (lvl1) judges during my time as lvl2 judge and will not drop that work. The first thing I did was to get my internet connection back and it needed 6 weeks since I was offered that promotion until it was taken into effect. After that, I continued the normal lvl2 judge tasks. I made an overall check of our questions in our judge test. Some questions were outdated and several written card texts didn't match the current oracle wording anymore. I don't plan any special projects that I didn't have in mind before.

Talking about Judge Test: we all know that now it's easier than a couple of months ago or so, but still, the number of people that fail is overwhelming, could you suggest something for the people that want to make the judge test?
<CMA-Flippi> The most important thing is the read the questions carefully. Also, there are a lot of applicants that fail because they don't explain their answers. A simple "Yes" is marked wrong. For those who might be unsure about an answer, I think it's a good idea to imagine how they would explain it to someone else. If they can explain an answer, it will be more likely be correct than if they can't explain it. Also, there are a lot of readings in the internet about card interactions. As soon as a player knows the rule (state-based effects) that, for example makes a 0/0 indestructible creature be put into the graveyard, and not just "because the judges say so," he/she will be able to take and pass the judge test.

Have you sacrificed activities in real life in order to accomplish your new duties as a manager? (Like * CMA-Flippi is now known as Flippi|soccer )  
<CMA-Flippi> No.

What do you think about the new change that Wizards make in blocks?

<CMA-Flippi> I don't like that change. It merges the T2 and Block constructed formats. Before, T2 interested me the most because of its cardpool. Now, Block constructed has a big pool, too

What is the best thing about being a judge?
<CMA-Flippi> I think being actively judging improves your playskill. You can think of creative card interactions and use these in tournaments. I prefer playing to judging, but judging improves my play. If i never judged, I wouldn't be the creative deckbuilder who, in my opinion, I am.

What kind of player do you consider yourself?
<CMA-Flippi> Despite of my judge-ness I do many Game Rule Violations or Tournament Errors. I just forget triggers very often and have gotten many Warnings for that. Irl, I think I have decklist-Gamelosses in 30% of my competitive tournaments (ptq+). Concerning skill, I think i am a good player when i play control, but mediocre with combo or aggressive decks.

Would you like to share your last creation with us?
<CMA-Flippi> My last creation isn't very special. I build a Firemane Control deck for the Last Chance Qualifiers of this years German nationals. Need a list ?
<Pollo¹> neh
<CMA-Flippi> (

Do you know other German m-l players? Ronnan, beule, muffl0n, Witchelman, etc
<CMA-Flippi> I know most of the 30 players in and ofcourse, all CMA-members who play here.

What has been the most funny/interesting situation you have been through since you play mtg?
<CMA-Flippi> At the German Legacy Championships 06, I  played a Nefarious Lich combo deck. During round 3 (2-1) i was paired vs NQG/r. Having played only Duress, Cabal Teraphy and Gerrad's Verdict, my opponent was pretty sure that I'd be playing some BW Discard deck. He attacks me for lethal damage, but with damage on the stack. I play Nourishing Shoal, pitching Autochthon Wurm.
The crowd surrounding us laughed, since he was, somehow surprised. He thought that I had cheated that instant 15 lives trick, so he called the judge, who happened to know my deck from irc already. That judge immediatly responded with something like "These 2 cards are in his deck". My opponent remained stunned for the entire match. :)

Who is your favorite m-l player and why?
<CMA-Flippi> I don't have any one person as favorite m-l player. I like all good players, that aren't ruleslawyering because it makes fun playing them. The games are interesting as I know of my opponents skill. In Eternal, that's Stryfe-, Inzaghi and Equinox- and in the limited format, fingon, Haro and K_buriag come to my mind first.

What is your goal in magic?
<CMA-Flippi> I want to be successful with an idea. I want to break the metagame.

How close have you been from breaking the metagame?
<CMA-Flippi> During June 05, I've build a very good UB Death Cloud Deck. It features Zur's Weirding and Guardian Idol as killing combo after any Death Cloud and was able to do turn 2 Persecute or Yukora easily. Unfortunately, I made a bunch of misplays so I couldn't qualify for my nationals that year

Timmy, Spike or Johnny?
<CMA-Flippi> I'm a Johnny

Any plans league has for the future that you can talk about?
<CMA-Flippi> We plan do make online drafts at the homepage avaliable and also try to program swiss and double elimination tournaments for the future and several minor improvements, like deck display (statistics) enhancements on the homepage.

Favorite TV Show
<CMA-Flippi> Comedystreet with Simon Gosejohann

Favorite Movie
<CMA-Flippi> Rounders

Favorite non-league channel?

Favorite quote?
<CMA-Flippi> Ayahuasca: "Actually, the pile doesn't win against anything, but the mirror is very balanced."

Favorite mtg site?

Favorite Card
<CMA-Flippi> Zur's Weirding

Favorite Combo
<CMA-Flippi> Recurring Nightmare + Earthcraft + Overgrowth(swamp) + Workhorse + Shallow Grave + Mogg Fanatic

Favorite Format
<CMA-Flippi> Standard (T2)

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