Written by Pollo on August 16, 2007

Interview of Tylertmk

by Pollo

After a brief break, the Profiles section of league is back to business. This time we had the honor to interview one of the most consistent players in magic-league: 5 out of 6 PTQ's top 8 (placing 1,3,4,5,5), 2 out of 2 GPT's top 8 and 1 out of 1 Master top 8 (an amazing 88% of affectivity) aval this title, this is no other than Tyler'Hulk'tmk, owner of a 1972 in constructed in real life, a true constructed master. 

Please introduce yourself

<tylertmk> My name is Tyler Kreitz, I am a 20 year old pre medical student from Pennsylvania, USA.   

How long have you been playing magic?

<tylertmk> I began playing magic when Apocalypse was released, but was banned about one and a half years later for prize splitting finals of a JSS qualifier.  I didn't play mtg for 3.5 years then and decided to play again when team std came around a year and a half ago.  I've only been playing seriously since I returned from the ban. 

After your banning, when you started playing seriously, what has been your biggest success in the Mtg scene?

<tylertmk> Well my team made day 2 of Charleston, although 1 win out of money it was a decently successful showing for my first Pro Tour since I had only been playing again for about 3 months.  Also when I decided to play again I told myself if I was going to try to be one of the best if not the best ptq player in my region and having t8d 5/6 ptqs I am getting there :p. 

With whom you made team in the PT?

<tylertmk> I teamed with Steve Behrle (SteveOB) and Allen Jackson 

We heard you decided to play a PTQ over nats this year, why did you take this controversial decision?

<tylertmk> Well I was not qualified for nats, going 6-3 at regionals, but I decided to just not play in grinders even though I thought I had a pretty good shot of winning one.  I decided to not take another day off of work and would have rather played the ptq.  I am a pretty busy person so I have only played constructed, as a result I knew I had a much better chance at winning the ptq than doing well at nats especially since I had placed well in the previous 2 block ptqs I had played in and believed I had a strong understanding of the format. 

You were #1 in constructed on league for a while, how did you reach such level?

I began playing enduring ideal in ext minis and the invitational.  I believe my record on m-l with the deck was something like 37-2.  Although I did not play ideal in ext ptqs since I didn’t think it was that good :/. 

Taking into account your recent success on Block PTQ's, are you going to attend Grand Prix San Francisco?

<tylertmk> Nope, mainly because I have to move back into school that weekend, but also because San Francisco is 2000 miles away. 

If  you could, what deck  would you play?

<tylertmk> Well it would be some form of GW since thats the only deck I've played all season.  The past week I've had a feeling that GWr would be a good choice which is interesting since I just found out Josh Ravitz won NYC ptq with GWr and Flores article this week is about GWr.  Despite this week's hype, I'd probably play GWr. 

Any list you wanna share or tips for playing the deck?

<tylertmk> I'd probably play something like this: 

      // Lands

4 [9E] Plains (4)

1 [IA] Forest (2)

3 [TSP] Flagstones of Trokair

4 [TSP] Terramorphic Expanse

1 [MI] Mountain (1)

4 [FUT] Grove of the Burnwillows

3 [FUT] Horizon Canopy

3 [FUT] Llanowar Reborn

      // Creatures

4 [FUT] Tarmogoyf

3 [TSP] Saffi Eriksdotter

4 [PLC] Kavu Predator

4 [TSP] Serra Avenger

3 [FUT] Riftsweeper

4 [PLC] Calciderm

      // Spells

3 [OD] Call of the Herd

4 [FUT] Edge of Autumn

4 [TSP] Temporal Isolation

3 [TSB] Fiery Justice

1 [TSP] Stonewood Invocation

      // Sideboard

SB: 4 [PLC] Dead/Gone

SB: 3 [U] Disenchant

SB: 3 [PLC] Rebuff the Wicked

SB: 2 [TSP] Thrill of the Hunt

SB: 3 [TSB] Mystic Enforcer 

<tylertmk> no tips really 

How do you prepare for events in real life?

<tylertmk> I test on m-l, I used to prepare by playing minis, but I've found it much more effective to just play vs. some of the better players in the league to test different matchups. I've played endless block games with Sandler to prep for Valencia ptqs.  

Have you ever cheated?

<tylertmk> rofl

<tylertmk> well if prize splitting is cheating then I guess so

<tylertmk> :/ 

Nothing else beyond that?

<tylertmk> Nah 

What is your goal in magic?

Well this coming year I'd like to win a const ptq again instead of just t8ing.  I'd also like to win states this year for no particular reason...just because.  It would be nice to play a few more PT's, but I am not sure how much longer I will be playing because of other commitments. 

Other commitments as in college & girlfriend?

<tylertmk> yes and sports, I do track and field in college. 

Who is your favorite m-l player and why?

<tylertmk> I don't really have any favorites, and there’s too many to list that I am friends with, but I'll say meloku79 since he lends me decks irl because I own 0 cards. 

What has been the most funny/interesting situation you have been through since you play magic?

<tylertmk> I'd have to say the most interesting would have been the experience at GP Columbus.  PV was rooming with us and Saturday night after PV had gone 7-1, someone poured water on our hotel room door in the middle of the night and said, "Take that Paulo Vitor!"  When my friend went the door they were already running down the hall... 

And finally the favorite ones section:

-Favorite Card  - Call of the Herd followed closely by Phantom Centaur

-Favorite Deck - Squirrel Opposition

-Favorite MTG color - Green

-Favorite Format - Extended is way better than all others

-Favorite Writer - Mike Flores!  jk I don't really have a favorite writer

-Favorite Non-League Channel - #jajaja 

Anything else you would like to add Tyler?

<tylertmk> I'm the Marty Schottenheimer* of ptq level mtg..dunno if that’s a good or bad thing.  

Thanks to Tyler for his time and thank you for reading. Until next time, don't hesitate to reply with whom would you like to see in the 'Profiles' section; you might be the next one!

*NFL coach who never loses in the regular season but never wins the big game AKA Championship.

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by Vlada on 2007-08-16 16:31 CET



by Vlada on 2007-08-16 16:32 CET

-Favorite Non-League Channel - #jajaja


by tg on 2007-08-16 17:52 CET


#jajaja ftw!!!... xD

by FlyingFreak on 2007-08-16 18:14 CET

lol it's not allowed to prize split a Qualifier ?
woow , and there was a judge next to me if I made a deal with my oppo about the prize split ...

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