Written by Gerrardfo on November 29, 2006

1. Please introduce yourself
<Niknight> I’m Justin, and I’m from Worcester (Woosta), MA. (Yes… I live 5 minutes from Equinox. Please don’t judge me too harshly on that)

2. When did you start playing in the league?
<Niknight > I’ve been here since the middle of 2004, and have been a judge since a month after that.

3. What do you like about magic?
<Niknight> The main thing I like about Magic is the tournament scene, from deck design, to testing, to playing against good players and listening to the stories… I like it all.

4. What do you do on the site?
<Niknight> On the site I grade judge tests, fix tournament problems, and the other things expected of a J2. Having just been promoted to J3, I guess that I’ll learn what other duties I have as I go.

5. What do you like the most about the league?
<Niknight> What I like most about League is the ability to play whatever format I want, whenever I want. I can expect my opponents to be good, and have finely tuned decks (especially since they can use any card without needing to own it).

6. If you could do one thing to change the league, what would it be?
<Niknight> If there were one change I could make to the league, it would be to increase the number of Eternal format trials. It’s just more fun to be able to use any card ever printed, and being able to get byes at Masters makes it that much better.

7. Are there any league players you consider tough opponents?
<Niknight> Honestly, I can’t really answer this question. With my academic schedule, I can’t really play as much as I would like to… and my list of tough opponents is a little outdated since most of them have moved on.

8. What is currently your favorite format?
<Niknight> My favorite format is definitely Legacy. First, it’s eternal which is cool. Secondly, it has Grand Prix level support, and lastly I appreciate it more having played since a little after the inception of the game.

9. Which league player(s) would you like to meet in real life?
<Niknight> I would like to meet LordHawk (met his brother, but not him), along with the rest of the staff. I’d also like to meet PV, GRAH (when he can get a job and a car so he can play actual events), and more people that I’m obviously forgetting now.

10. Do you have anything else to add?
<Niknight> Well, hopefully I can be more active as a player. I plan to hold a lot more Legacy minis as GP Columbus approaches. And for the love of God, whenever your TC makes an announcement in a league channel, please listen! I was literally getting 50 PM’s a round when TCing the Master. It brings the speed with which the tournament can be run to a crawl when that happens.

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by Streakz on 2006-12-05 00:53 CET

nice bolding of question 5

by SwordSkill on 2010-11-13 17:09 CET

No one wants to meet me... Am I so bad?

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