Written by Gerrardfo on May 21, 2006

1. Please introduce yourself
<Noremac> I'm know as Noremac to all you magic-league denizens but in real life my name is Cameron. For you slow people Cameron is Noremac backwards.

2. When did you start playing in the league?
<Noremac > I started playing on this league around November of 2005. I discovered it in a random web search as I looked to get back in to magic. My, how time has flown.

3. What do you like about magic?
<Noremac> What I love about magic is first the mental challenge involved, building decks playing, and no matter how good you are ways to improve. Its like poker but much more complicated. The second is how no matter how much you play it never gets old, switching formats and getting new sets makes it new everytime.

4. What do you do on the site?
<Noremac> Primarily I'm known for my Nightly No Maxes I do in periods of time when I'm not swamped, my tons of minis I run, and for my creation of #Beggars which started out to give players more voice in minis run and in the league but has diverged from its purpose as of late. I'm also a judge trainer which means I orient and monitor new judges. I'm an aspiring j2 and hope to be able to do more in the future.

5. What do you like the most about the league?
<Noremac> What I love the most about this league is the environment. We have a great group of players and judges and whenever your in need of deck help or just a good conversation there’s always someone here. The other big thing is its free magic!!!

6. If you could do one thing to change the league, what would it be?
<Noremac> Hmm, that’s a very good question. I would say the ability to run swiss minis and a new apprentice, but those things are both in the works right now. So instead I would love to see more sponsorship for the league because I'm sure Koen makes very little profit. It would allow us to have more $$$ masters, which means more players.

Another thing would be some more admins/judge manager or two. Now, I know our staff works very hard for this league but many of them are swamped with their own life and are not always able to be here. More people involved would make things run a lot smoother.

7. Are there any league players you consider tough opponents?
<Noremac> Well I've never had the chance to play against the old gods I've heard of such as Thalai, MW|Core, or SL|RedDemon. However, of those I have played, I always twinge when I face people like Pollo, PV, Shyft, and eEnder to name a few.

8. What is currently your favorite format?
<Noremac> My favorite format right now is T2. I love the constantly shifting metagame and the search for the tech deck.

9. Which league player would you like to meet in real life?
<Noremac> Well I'd want to meet you definitely Gerrardfo we talk enough that it'd be interesting to meet you in person. Past that I'd probably want to meet LordHawk, and definitely meet Craze to see if he's just as crazy in real life.

10. Do you have anything else to add?
<Noremac> The force will be with you, always. Oh yeah, and vote for me for j2! And I'm humbled by the opportunity to be interviewed and included with those that came before me.

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by Stryfe- on 2006-05-26 23:59 CET

yes you mentioned me! oh nvm.... luv u mac

by Noremac on 2006-05-27 00:07 CET

Lol, that interview was done pre our days of fun whoring Stryfe-, you know I <3 you too.

by Mustang on 2006-05-27 07:52 CET

if you want to help out the league ... everyday you should click at least 2 of the google ads you see at the top and make sure they load all the way ... Koen makes money for the site everytime one is clicked

by Gerrardfo on 2006-05-27 13:47 CET

If you click them too many times Mustang, I think it's harmful.

by Mustang on 2006-05-27 20:32 CET

no ... u click twice a day ... they he gets the money ... but yes if you click like crazy he won't get the money for your clicks

by cjthedude on 2006-06-01 01:27 CET

i didnt know tht mustang every1 should know i will do it now

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