Written by Gerrardfo on May 02, 2006

1. Please introduce yourself

<Kaesh> My name is Karol Szafranski, I am 19 years old, I study law at the University of Warsaw, Poland.


2. How long have you been playing magic? On the league?

<Kaesh> I've been playing magic since exodus was released, and on the league since Koen founded it, I think it was summer 2001.


3. Why do you like magic?

<Kaesh> I started playing magic when I was a little geek. I grew up and am still playing it because it's just as good as any mental sports game.


4. What is currently your favorite format?

<Kaesh>  Right now I experience some sort of a down on my magic game and don't really like any format. More generally, I would probably enjoy some Legacy any time, and I always liked Extended. Most of my IRL success has been in Limited, although I don't really like the Ravnica block for that at all.


5. Who have you met from the league? Who do you want to meet?

<Kaesh> Other than the Polish guys (I even actually talked Wow into joining the league), I 've met Koen, KaleGozer, nold, roelof, IHESM, JulienN, Kutkabouter and probably a few more I forgot. I would like to meet PV, MW|Core, pG, and Thalai for a start. I was supposed to meet PV and Thalai at PT: Prague in a week or so, but after all I won't be able to go :(


6. Are there any league players you consider tough opponents and why?

<Kaesh> Right now: everyone. Generally: nobody. Every match is too unique to say things like that.


7. If you could do one thing to change the league, what would it be?

<Kaesh> Get more sponsors, weeeee! Seriously though, I can't name just one thing. Some time ago I would've said it would be getting rid of Dirkjan, but Koen succeeded in doing that already, so I don’t know.


8. Who do you think is the best player on the league?

<Kaesh> Draco2156

9. Do you have anything else to add?

<Kaesh> I would like to add that you should watch out for PV because he threatened KaleGozer that he'd steal KG's TV-set.

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by on 2006-05-02 22:15 CET


draco2156 is hawt

by eEnder on 2006-05-02 22:17 CET

where is your bow kaesh?

by Streakz on 2006-05-05 02:41 CET

Max Margolis AKA draco2156 is the best player in the world. Just letting everyone know. You guys should probably interview him becuase he is the next Budde or Finkel, probably about as good as both of them combined. GO DRACO WOO!!!

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