Written by Gerrardfo on February 08, 2006

1. Please introduce yourself
<Laplie> I'm a junior at MIT working towards my BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I'm 20 years old. I've been in the league for about 3 years.

2. When did you start playing in the league?
<Laplie >I started back when #workstation actually had regulars and was a chan all to itself instead of an extension of #m-l

3. What do you like about magic?
<Laplie> I like finding interesting interactions and abusing them. I also like the psychological games (especially IRL) that forces opponents to misplay. For example: always leave 2 islands untapped when playing with counterspells

4. What do you do on the site?
<Laplie> Technically, I'm the "Organized Play Manager," so I'm supposed schedule the trials and masters and make sure there's a TC. Unofficially, I'm probably the best person to ask a rules question since I'm rarely wrong. I also do other random stuff like making MLAnti (v 2.0 coming soon) and I'm working on a proxy server for apprentice (SIMTAP).

5. What do you like the most about the league?
<Laplie> That everything's free, that I have a substantial amount of power, that we're not as strict as some other leagues in terms of acceptable behavior, and most of the people are somewhat funny.

6. If you could do one thing to change the league, what would it be?
<Laplie> More people should switch to MWS since it is the superior program. Also, getting rid of NetDraft and running everything through the site.

7. Are there any league players you consider tough opponents?
<Laplie> Not really. When I lose, I rarely feel that my opponent outplayed me. It’s usually because play errors of my own, or in some cases, just being unlucky. I used to be intimidated by MW|Core, but then I beat him a few times

8. What is currently your favorite format?
<Laplie> Type 1 probably. I'm started to get back into Legacy since it’s not only Goblins and Landstill anymore. Extended is also nice (and waiting to be broken by me.... again).

9. Which league player would you like to meet in real life?
<Laplie> Most of the players that I wanted to meet, or were supposed to meet, have left: tokibird, RedHots, etc, etc.... I wouldn't mind meeting most of the staff: manla, neo, koen, nico, and the rest.

10. Do you have anything else to add?
<Laplie> Sure. I'd like to clarify my name. Usually I have something like "|Gone" or "NotHere" and occasionally "ReallyGone". While this means I'm usually AFK, it doesn't mean that I'm usually AFK. This can be summed up in something many people have heard before: "Laplie is both Gone and NotGone. The theoretical principles explaining this paradox won't be discovered by human science until October 2014."

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