Modern tournament Deck lists

These Modern Magic: the Gathering Deck lists of the Thursday, May 10 Modern #magic-league Trial were updated by dschidi.

1st White Devotion dschidi Modern Deck
2nd Enduring Renewal Mearini Modern Deck

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White Devotion
1st - dschidi
Main Deck Sideboard
3 fieldmist borderpost
4 wildfield borderpost
1 elesh norn, grand cenobite
4 knight of the white orchid
4 thalia's lancers
2 weathered wayfarer
4 thraben inspector
3 wall of omens
1 linvala, the preserver
1 shalai, voice of plenty
4 leyline of sanctity
1 quarantine field
4 path to exile
13 plains
4 nykthos, shrine to nyx
2 elspeth, sun's champion
1 karn liberated
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
3 karn, scion of urza
3 damping sphere
1 ulamog, the ceaseless hunger
1 linvala, keeper of silence
3 rest in peace
2 story circle
3 ghostly prison
2 wrath of god

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Enduring Renewal
2nd - Mearini
Main Deck Sideboard
2 altar of the brood
3 ensnaring bridge
4 skirk prospector
4 kami of false hope
4 wild cantor
1 magus of the moon
2 hangarback walker
4 walking ballista
1 auriok champion
4 enduring renewal
4 blood moon
1 impact tremors
5 plains
4 arid mesa
3 windswept heath
2 sacred foundry
1 mountain
4 inspiring vantage
2 clifftop retreat
4 faithless looting
1 idyllic tutor
2 engineered explosives
2 stormbreath dragon
1 auriok champion
4 leyline of sanctity
1 wear // tear
2 chandra, torch of defiance
2 gideon of the trials
1 wrath of god

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