Interview with 3/25/18 MASTER Winner: dschidi!

Written by iKringe on March 28, 2018

That concludes our WONDERFUL Master of 24 people! :D I'm so excited with how far we've come in just 2 months of Masters. Stay tuned for more information as it comes available by going to our Articles page!

This interview was conducted shortly after dschidi's victory over iKringe in the finals.


iKringe: Congratulations on your victory! Though, I must admit, I'm a little on the salty side, tell me and everyone else a little about yourself.

dschidi: I can totally understand you. You played a good final and fought the good fight. I was on the lucky side this time. Well, you know how it is :) Anyway, my name is Felix or dschidi (GD) and I'm a 32 year old magic player from Germany. I live in the south of Germany, my hometown is Tubingen. I've played on Cockatrice for about 5 years now and on Magic-league for about 2 years. In paper, I'm not playing much at the moment, cause I have an 8 year old daughter and a job. Also I'm happy to play in the evening on Cocktrice (magic-league) :)

iKringe: Thank you so much for your humbleness. Your decklist for today was Red-Deck Wins, correct? Do you have another name for it? What drove you to play this version of the deck?

Big Red
1st - dschidi
Main Deck Sideboard
4 chandra, torch of defiance
1 endless sands
1 scavenger grounds
19 mountain
3 arch of orazca
2 lightning strike
2 magma spray
2 abrade
3 earthshaker khenra
3 ahn-crop crasher
4 bomat courier
4 glorybringer
1 hazoret the fervent
4 rekindling phoenix
3 captain lannery storm
3 kari zev, skyship raider
1 aethersphere harvester
1 aethersphere harvester
1 hazoret the fervent
3 dire fleet daredevil
2 magma spray
2 abrade
2 chandra's defeat
2 sweltering suns
2 kari zev's expertise

dschidi: Yeah, I named it Big red... Because it goes a little "bigger" and over the top of the typical "Hazored" shell. Thats why only 1 Hazoret is in the maindeck. It doesnt empty its hand all that fast. I like the deck, because it's very consistent in what it's doing. And it has something to do at any stage of the game. Sometimes it has really aggressive starts with Bomat and Kari Zhev into Crasher. Some other times it will play removal early game and take over with Chandra and glorybringer. Also I like that it's very hard and complicated to deal with. When you are on the defensive against me it's hard to find the correct answers to the threats. Most of my creatures dodge common removal (Fatal push / Lightning strike) and/or have built-in 2 for 1 (Phoenix/Glorybringer). You will need different removal for Bomat and Kari than for Chandra and Phoenix. Thats kind of what made it good vs your deck too is my guess.


iKringe: Well, there is certainly a LOT of truth behind this! Your creatures make board states complicated at every stage.

dschidi: In general, I think that most of the best cards in standard right now are red :)

iKringe: Let's talk about your matches, can you give a quick rundown of what you played against today?

dschidi: Bluejay216 - Mardu Vehicles / Arfonso - Mardu Ascent / Mikolaj - GW Tokens / omgplsplz - UW Cycling / rawrespada4 - BW vampires / Vedouzas - Black Aggro / iKringe - UW Approach

iKringe: What would you say your hardest match was? What was your favorite match?

dschidi: I lost against Ascent and GW Tokens. Then i was 2:2 and I thought: "Naa its not my day." How wrong could I be? ... Hmm the hardest was against BW Vampires, they have so much life gain. It was a bloody, grindy fight. Also vs the UW Cycling deck: It was very grindy and hard. Also of course the two losses were pretty hard, go wide was a good thing to do against me :) In General all Matches ended 2:1 i guess. No easy wins there. My favourite match was playing vs you in the Final. You well deserved it and did a great job at hosting this master.

Approach of the Second Sun

iKringe: <3 You're too kind. If you could go back and change anything about your decklist, or even a different deck in all, would you?

dschidi: I would definitely go +2 up to 4 sweltering suns, maybe even 1 Maindeck. The other deck I am kind of used to and like is Sultai Constrictor. I could have easily played that instead. But as it turned out it was totally the right choice to play Big Red!

Sweltering Suns

iKringe: You mentioned Red Cards being the best in standard right now. Can you elaborate on that a little?

dschidi: I'll try. I think Red has many of the best removal spells in Abrade, Magma Spray, Lightning Strike, Sweltering Suns. Only topped by Black. Also it has very fast, aggressive, and hard to deal with threats. On top of that Red has some weird ways to generate card advantage, which was typically lacking in red decks. Even with the banning of Ramunap Ruins, Red has a super strong Late Game. Even Arch of Orazca drew me about 10 cards or more this event. I like that. I even got milled out in one game :)

iKringe: That's some strong Card Advantage.

Arch of Orazca

dschidi: Funnily enough, I drew more cards than my blue opponent :)

iKringe: How do you test your decks/decide on what to play? Or if I may word it another way, what made you land on Big Red as your deck?

dschidi: So... Honestly, I dont like Standard these days. I knew it was dominated by Hazoret and Scarab God. I played Ramunap Red for a while during the Temur Energy Era, and it was pretty strong. So I thought after the banning of Ruins and Energy there are still most of the good Red cards, why don't I adjust the deck a bit, make it bigger, and replace Ramunap Ruins with Arch of Orasca for reach? So with Phoenix, Glorybringer and Chandra in the Deck it was soon clear that Hazoret had to go, since I would never consistently empty my hand fast enough. That felt kind of weird, because Hazoret is the standalone best card in the red Aggro Deck. But from there I felt more like a control deck with abrades and magma sprays. Still from time to time I have these aggressive starts, and generally applying a lot of pressure, even when in control mode. So I tested the deck from time to time on Main server and in ML-Minis and I liked it, but I did not do too much testing/preparation for the Master, because as I said I don't really like Standard at the moment. Maybe that will change with Dominaria, it looks very nice so far.

iKringe: I'm interested in something you mentioned earlier. Your time on Magic-League. How long have you been apart of this particular community? This is VERY clearly not your first Master event.

dschidi: You are right, I played a lot of Masters in these past 2 years. Before today I had three 2nd places and one 1st place in my trophy room. So today is my 2nd Master-Title. I'm happy and proud of course. But back to the community: I've been part of it for a while now and I've always liked it. We've had some ups and downs, but in general here are a lot of nice and talented Magic-players. Magic_league was and is a great place to test your decks in a more competetive way and play with (often) skilled players. It helped me to become a better player and I'm sure everyone can learn/earn something from this living comunity. I hope we will grow up soon and will do 50+ masters again :)

iKringe: Alright, that brings us near the end of our interview. Is there anything you'd like to say?

dschidi: Greetings to my Team: The Hive. Greetings to all Magic-League players. Stay tuned and dont let them dictate what you should play. There is always room for Rogue Decks and Brews, in any format. Play what you enjoy and learn your deck. And as a last sentence: Please, guys, use the phases where you are doing anything, think for more than 1 second, and don't put instants and sorceries to the battlefield instead of the stack. This lets no room for confusion :) thx and cu all!

iKringe: That last bit there... I'm VERY happy you said it. Thank you for joining me, @dschidi and congrats again on your second Magic-League victory!

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