Interview with derflippi winner of Historic Standard MASTERS

Written by Censored on April 23, 2017

Censored: Hey!Goblin Balloon Brigade
derflippi: Hi!
Censored: So first off, for those who are oblivious to what goes on around here, please introduce yourself.
derflippi: I am derflippi from Germany, famous for inventing the popular Legacy deck Nourishing Lich.
Censored: How famous exactly?
derflippi: Until 5 years ago, I grinded PTQs Top8ing many and showed good results at GPs with 20th and 50th place in Limited.
Censored: So, congratulations on winning your first ever MASTER here on magic-league, you must be very proud. what do you think was different about this MASTER compared to all the others that you failed in?
derflippi: Whenever I win in Constructed Formats, it's because I play mono-red and my opponents draw bad and lose to unique cards legal in a format. This time, I tried really hard to "make it work".
Censored: What made you pick the deck you played with today?

Ankh Sligh by derflippi
Main Deck Sideboard
13 Mountain
4 Strip Mine
4 Mishra's Factory
3 Red Elemental Blast
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Blood Moon
2 Orcish Artillery
3 Ironclaw Orcs
3 Goblins of the Flarg
2 Goblin King
4 Goblin Balloon Brigade
1 Dwarven Soldier
3 Dragon Whelp
4 Ankh of Mishra
3 Earthquake
4 Stone Rain
3 Black Vise
3 Howling Mine
2 Nevinyrral's Disk
3 Tormod's Crypt
1 Red Elemental Blast
2 Detonate
1 Pyrotechnics

derflippi: With 30 minutes on the clock for entries, I still had no deck. I looked at the format description and picked the very first standard with 4th Edition, The Dank and Fallen Empires. I filtered for all legal cards in the format and first found Black Knight and Bad Moon. Soon after I stumbled over Blood Moon and removed the black cards again. Blood Moon is a card that fits into mono-red very nicely, and mono-red works in every format. My extensive RFT experience has me know that. So I filtered cardsearch down to "only red cards" and had may 75 cards ready. Eventually, I also reminded myself that artifacts are legal which is where I found Black Vise.
The very last change, I filtered for lands and got Strip Mine and Mishra's Factory. Those made me cut some manaheavy cards like Goblin Kings.

Censored: But what specifically made you think that monored from such an old set was more powerful, or better against this historic meta, than any other monored from another era?
derflippi: I didn't know how well the deck would fare until I first resolved Strip Mine's activated abilities with Black Vise in play.

Strip Mine

Censored: Ok, so to sum it up, you basically did no preparation for this tournament at all, scrapped together a deck at the last moment and stormed to victory. Is this how you intend on approaching any future masters you might enter?
derflippi: Definitely. What works once has to work twice. I call this the UOL animal style.
Censored: Going into the tournament, were there any players or decks you didnt fancy playing against?
derflippi: I figured I have a bad matchup against classic Jund with Putrid Leech, Sprouting Thrinax and other good creatures. Also, if I don't have a Lightning Bolt instantly, i'd probably lose to Stoneforge Mystic. In the actual tournament, I had to find out that my matchup against Replenish is very bad. While I have maindeck Red Elemental Blast for their Frantic Search and Attunement, Ankh of Mishra will easily backfire. They can phase out my lands with Parallax Tide and make me win tankh to the ankh. xjudicatorx played Replenish against me in the Swiss portion of the event, so I definitely rooted in semifinals against him.
Censored: Any were there any players missing that you were glad didn't turn up?
derflippi: No. I'm always happy when more players turn up for an event. Especially good players, I prefer playing against strong opponents and losing (but learning) over winning it easy (and not learning).
Censored: Today's MASTER tournament format was a Historic Standard. Does it surprise you, given the frequency that Historic Standard mini tournaments are played, and the popularity of the format, that today's MASTER was one of the least populated ones this year?
derflippi: I expected it to have a lower turnout than usual. Modern and Standard or other "regular" formats attract newer players, because they only have to learn what a "MASTER" is. Historic on the other hand has 2 barriers for newer players. What is a MASTER AND What is Historic. When someone sees an advertisement for a Historic Master and it's only 50 minutes left to join, they probably don't want to spend time to build a deck AND find out how to join and how magic-league works (it's very easy!).
Censored: Do you intend on hosting more Historic masters in the future?
derflippi: If players keep playing it and judges keep running Historic Standard minis, it is an option.
Censored: Only a couple more questions now. How do you intend to celebrate your victory, and do you have anything specific in mind to spend your prize money on?
derflippi: I will travel to Mordor, hailing all the Ironclaw Orcs and telling stories of the new techniques I learned with the Black Vise.
Censored: Before we go, is there anything you want to say to the players of magic-league? (you have permission to gloat extensively)
derflippi: There exists a prophecy within magic-league that yet noone has been able to decrypt. It reads "Afternoon before the truth, then the lie the fair would draw?". Whoever decrypts it will be named "The one who understands the portuguese prophecy."
    Thank you censored for your censored interview. I like censored interviews.
Censored: Been a pleasure :) Congrats once again on winning your first MASTER...eventually...god loves a tryer.

Goblins of the Flarg Dwarven Soldier

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<%Ehri> dont complain :/

by moscowdemon on 2017-04-23 00:59 CET

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