Interview with babaganouch Frontier Master

Written by derflippi on December 29, 2016

Congratulations for winning yet another Master. Please introduce yourself with a few words.

Babaganouch: I'm babaganouch and i play a lot of Magic. lol
Great, so Magic is in the air.

    For todays Frontier Master, what deck did you chose and how does it work?
Babaganouch: I chose Temur Aetherworks.
    The deck uses different artifacts and creatures to generate energy counters that you use for various things in the deck. namely activating Aetherworks Marvel. As a contingency, the deck also utilizes Delirium for Ishkana, and to power out Emrakul, the Promised End

Temur Aetherworks by babaganouch
Main Deck Sideboard  
4 woodweaver's puzzleknot
4 aetherworks marvel
4 servant of the conduit
3 emrakul, the promised end
3 ishkanah, grafwidow
4 whirler virtuoso
1 world breaker
4 vessel of nascency
4 harnessed lightning
4 attune with aether
4 ugin, the spirit dragon
5 forest
2 mountain
4 aether hub
1 island
3 botanical sanctum
2 cinder glade
4 wooded foothills
1 world breaker
3 kozilek's return
3 negate
2 dispel
2 naturalize
3 fiery impulse
1 nahiri, the harbinger


    That's a deck that is around in Standard formats too. Today, it seemed to me Aetherworks is more popular in Frontier than it is in Standard. Is that so ?
 Babaganouch: I've paired against a few people in random testing. Chatting with a few different players, they also said they've played against it. Honestly i was expecting a lot of dark jeskai and rally combo today.

    What makes Aetherworks better in Frontier than in Standard ?
Babaganouch: I don't know if it's more popular than the standard build, but it's an established arche type that didnt require much changing at all. Ugin is the only real big change. He doesn't come across as being supremely OP when he hits, but he definitely does work!

    What were your matchups today ?
Babaganouch: round 1 Bye from winning a Trial, round 2 Mardu Dragons, round 3 Mono Black Eldrazi, round 4 Goblins, round 5 Mirrormatch. Then, in the Top8 "My missing sister.dec", Atarka Red and again Mardu Dragons in Final

    What were the harder matchups there ?
Babaganouch: Mono Black Eldrazi destroyed me "2 and out": I couldn't deal with the speed plus Thought-Knot Seer. Thought-Knot gets complemented by Duress games two and three.

    Now my last question. Frontier is new. Would you like to see more frontier events ?
Babaganouch: Absolutely. I think the format has a lot of potential for growth, and I've been having a blast playing it so far.

    Marvellous. Any word to your "fans" ? :D
Babaganouch: Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams. lol

This interview was made and edited by derflippi

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