An Apology and A Goodbye

Written by iKringe on April 30, 2018

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is to break his spirits - his pride. It de-sensitizes him to the greatest wonders of the world around him, and what he has accomplished.

Looking over my time in charge of, I regard it in a manor that feels pure, and natural. Something that remains as one of my proudest accomplishments: The Rebirth, and beginning of the reconstruction of Magic-League. I love this site, and I love everything is stands for; everything that it begs us to let it be. I built a home upon a hill here, and I would like to view it as such. 

I may not have been the best person to put in-charge of this place, and, hell, I may not have even been the right person to put in-charge, but damn it if I wasn't going to try. And so, I did. I put all my time and effort outside of work into this place. I put countless hours into it. So many documents, so many tournaments, so many ideas, so many meetings. I loved every moment of it.

However, all good things must come to an end. This, is no different. 

Unfortuantely, I must step away from spearheading the project.

It's.. really hard to say that, as I've been apart of this community for a number of years... but.. I don't have the man-power, I don't have the time, and after missing 3 events of which I'd promised to be apart of, I don't have the spirit I once had; my pride is broken. This is what caused my realization: Life has begun to overwhelm me. I need to pick - to make a choice - and because of this I have to say..

I'll be stepping away from this position, and I don't know if I'll ever come back in the same capacity, but I need everyone to understand that I'm not giving up, and I'm not leaving because it's too hard. I believe in this place, I believe in what it's created and I believe in what it CAN create, but amongst a myriad of issues I cannot spearhead the project further without putting my life on hold, and I simply cannot afford to do that. A computer that needs to be replaced, bills that must be paid, my college life, internal struggles, and most of all, availability between two OTHER full-time jobs(with Magic-League, realistically, being a third). These are the things that need to be corrected, or at least sorted, before I can move on with Magic-League as a whole. 

When I have time, I will work on the site, host tournaments, show up and say hello, but I cannot do it as actively as I have done for the past several months. 

I truly, wholey, and sincerely apologize.

For any information regarding my departure, my time until I can return, how you can help in my absense, please message me on Discord and I will help you. My final-date of departure will be May 4th, 2018 with a confirmed return date of September 1st, 2018, if not sooner. Thank you, all.


iKringe/Frank K.

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by dschidi on 2018-04-30 19:51 CET

Hey, im sad to hear that, no doubt. But no need to apologize. Man, u did great work for our site and community and i want to thank you for that. Real life comes always first and over "the game". We can totally understand that. I'm sure we as a "judge-team" can keep things rolling and enable a break for you without the community falling apart. So take all the time you need to clear things and do your RL-Stuff. Then come back whenever you want and have fun with us again. You are the best! CU,

by Praexor on 2018-05-01 16:15 CET

I only recently joined Magic-League and I think it's one of the best things to happen to Magic/Cockatrice. It'd be even better with more popularity.

Thanks for all your hard work. It's appreciated.

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