Team Points RESET

Written by iKringe on April 11, 2018

Hello all! ;D

I'm here with a very short, very exciting news!

We're reseting team points!

While I know not everyone will be happy with this news, because of their dominant positions, but we are doing this to help further any and ALL progress in Magic-League, as this will offer a sort of incentive to play more, and play more often.

With this reset, we would also like to announce the Top 5 point earners and the top 3 teams of the "season":

Top Teams:

  1. The Hive3,540
  2. T-1 Brainstorm 2,320
  3. Big Sharks 707

Top Point Earners:

  1. Dschidi : 1,919
  2. iKringe : 965
  3. zackattack : 963
  4. triplekriz : 806
  5. Rendroc : 644


Good luck to everyone, and I wish you the best of luck in your games.



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by dschidi on 2018-04-11 10:32 CET

yay! New competition... i like. Good job, at all.

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