RFT Sets for March!

Written by Rendroc on March 02, 2018

The new RFT Pool for March is:

Kaladesh(KLD), Ravnica: City of Guilds(RAV), Fate Reforged(FRF), Dissension(DIS), Alliances(ALL), Hour of Devastation(HOU), and Fourth Edition(4ED)!

RFT (Random Format Tournamnet) requires players to choose cards only from the monthly rotating pool of randomly chosen sets to make a deck. There will be Minis and Trials.


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by Rendroc on 2018-03-02 20:43 CET

to search for cards, my recommendation is to use http://gatherer.wizards.com or https://scryfall.com

by derflippi on 2018-03-03 00:06 CET

Add this to your magiccards.info query (e:hou/en or e:kld/en or e:frf/en or e:ai/en or e:di/en or e:rav/en or e:4e/en)

or directly:


by Unlif3 on 2018-03-04 11:54 CET

Still adheres to the Legacy banlist?

by derflippi on 2018-03-04 23:01 CET


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