Magic-League Update: 1/31/18

Written by iKringe on January 31, 2018

Hello all! When deciding how I was going to publish this article, I also was having trouble choosing what to say and how to say it, since I wanted to give bi-weekly updates. This brought an issue up though: It's only been a few days, what do I need to say? Well, in the last few days we have: 1. Re-scheduled daily events 2. Brought back the trials/Masters 3. Given hope to some of the members of Magic-League. That last one is the one I want to focus on today though. While it's pretty self aggrandizing to say, I believe it wholeheartedly. We've given life to something beautiful, and we're only going to keep pushing with our projects! I hope you all enjoy everything coming up. Have a wonderful day. ~Frank/iKringe p.s. These updates should come twice monthly from here on out! ;D Good luck, and may all your delvers flip T2.

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