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News, Magic: the Gathering Articles & Coverage
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03/02[article]Judge/Judge-Test Reset - iKringe
02/26[coverage]Interview with the 2/26/2018 MASTER WINNER: DrownInYourLies - iKringe
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Upcoming Online Magic: the Gathering Tournaments:
Time Type Prize(s)
Thu, 3/22 at 12 AM CET RIX Sealed #magic-league Trial Winner: 1 bye
Thu, 3/22 at 8 PM CET Standard #magic-league Trial Winner: 1 bye
Fri, 3/23 at 12 AM CET Pauper #magic-league Trial Winner: 1 bye
Sun, 3/25 at 7 PM CET Standard #magic-league Master Winner: 1 Scarab God; Runner up: 1 Hazoret the Fervent
(It's now: 2018/03/21 7:14 AM CET)
See all scheduled events
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Latest Magic: the Gathering Decks

Rank Deck Player Format Tournament
1st Burn Bluejay216 Modern Deck 03/20 Trial
2nd Simic Tron KathyCloven Modern Deck

There are more Decks from online tournaments in our Magic: the Gathering Decks-section.

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