by moscowdemon on 2017-08-05 05:47 CET
TL;DR in comments, but recommended you read this through.

Starting with this Monday, August 5th, there will be a new (but similar) way that schedule events will work!

We will temporarily be moving to 3 Trials per week, except on the week of a Master there will only be 2. These trials will take on a slightly new look and form to try to meet what you, the players, want.

Trials will now be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week, with no Trial on the Sunday a Master is scheduled. But there is more! Trials on Friday and Saturday will not just give you 1 bye to the Master, they will also give you 1 bye to THAT SUNDAY'S TRIAL! You may be asking how this will work... Sunday Trials will now be SWISS with a cut! Sunday Trials will grant 2 byes to the Master they feed to the winner, and 1 bye to the Master and the next Sunday Trial (if no Master comes first)! Trials will be only major formats: Standard, Modern, Legacy, and current set Sealed. A majority of the Trials will be the format of the Master they feed. All Sunday Trials will be the format of the Master they feed.

Now from Monday through Friday (yes, Friday will have two events now scheduled) will just be scheduled minis. These events are just scheduled to try to get players together playing at the same time. They will be a variety of Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, current set Sealed, Vintage Cube Sealed, and Historic Standard. If enough players are around at once, there is a good chance judges will be running other events around the scheduled mini times.

Masters will now be every 4th Sunday and be one of the major formats: Standard, Modern, Legacy, and current set Sealed (except in extremely rare cases). Prizes will be based on donations for the time being, but may be increased very soon. 1 bye for the Master can be won through 4 options each cycle: Winning a Friday or Saturday Trial, finishing in 2nd in a Sunday Trial, being in the top 3 of the rating used by the Master, or by being the highest scoring team for that period of time (team points will now reset after byes lock for each master).

As usual, byes do not stack and you can only achieve a second bye through winning one of the three Sunday Trials leading up to each Master.

Note to Judges: I will be trying to organize a schedule so we know who is running each swiss event. If you do not know how, please message our facebook. Please stay tuned, and yes, there may be some form of rewards in it for the judges who help run the swiss events.
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by Sebas_ on 2017-08-05 06:01 CET

non chances of paying a entry fee, so the winner can get the money?

by moscowdemon on 2017-08-05 06:02 CET

Regular Trials on Fri/Sat, gives bye to Master + Sunday trial that week.
Sunday Trial is swiss, 2 byes to 1st, 1 bye to 2nd (like regular trials above)
Master every 4 weeks
Rest of week still has scheduled events, but are just minis.
Byes for master won through trials, top 3 rating of master format, or top 1 team.
Team points reset just before each master.
Judges are wanted to help run swiss events and learn how to run them. PM this page to help.

by moscowdemon on 2017-08-05 06:03 CET

Sebas - I would be open to the idea in the future, but not right now. If enough players were interested, I would be more willing to have it be run (would have to be more than an 8 person event)

by dschidi on 2017-08-05 11:06 CET

I Like it!
Thank you for your time investment!
I would like to learn how to run swizz events.
greetz, GD

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