Guest Post: Why Gaming is Good For You

by Oppo on 2017-04-25 16:09 CET
Do you play casino slot games and have problems with your family or your girlfriend? From now on, just show them this article! Playing games is not just a hobby; it also has many benefits both for your physical and mental health. Although it has been seen as an unnecessary waste of time for many years, scientific research reveals that gaming is actually very beneficial. Contrary to what the media has told you, it also does not cause violence. On the contrary, those who play regularly are more successful in their professional and personal lives. So, what benefits do you gain from playing games and how?

· An Advanced Brain. You probably never heard of S Kühn, T Gleich, R C Lorenz and U Lindenberger before, but they are German scientists who have discovered the connection between playing games and brain development. In a 2-month trial, volunteers played Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day. At the end of two months; right hippocampal formation, right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and bilateral cerebellum areas in the brains of the subjects who play regularly are found to be more developed. These areas are used for spatial navigation, strategic planning, working memory and motor performance. In other words, the players who play on a regular basis make decisions faster, are more successful at long-term planning and can adapt more easily to sudden changes. All these are features that Fortune 500 companies look for in executive candidates. (1)

· Talented Hands. Your surgeon must have stable, non-shaking hands, right? Their level of visibility must also be high. If you are looking for these qualities, you should ask for a doctor who loves to play games. A study by Vikranth Bejjanki, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that playing games, especially playing FPS games, improves depth perception and three-dimensional vision. Right from the report, it says: “Playing action video games substantially improves performance in a range of attentive, perceptual, and cognitive tasks. In the case of attention, playing action video games has been shown to result in a variety of enhancements, such as a faster visual search rate, a reduction in the size of the attentive blink, better change detection, and an increase in the number of items that can be simultaneously tracked.” (2) As a matter of fact, there are games designed only to increase physicians’ hand skills.

· A Younger Body. You think we're joking, right? No, we don’t. Playing games slows down the effects of aging on the body. According to the results of a study made by Iowa University with a group of 681 volunteers over the age of 50:
o Playing 10 hours a week keeps your cognitive skills alive,
o Your mental processing skills are not blunted,
o It gives us a 7-year younger brain compared to those who do not play.
In other words, it can even be effective against diseases like Alzheimer's.

· Fewer Car Accidents. In a study conducted by the University of Geneva, some of the subjects played Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament daily, for a week. Then they are asked to enter a driving simulation. The subjects in the group playing these action games reacted 25% faster than the players who didn’t play. In other words, they reacted much quicker against obstacles. Moreover, the reactions were not only fast, but they were also appropriate. Basically, playing games made them a better driver.

· Less Pain. A study by Karen Grimmer of South Australia University shows that playing can reduce pain levels and can be used especially with burn victims. Computer games have proven to be as effective as pain relief, analgesics, muscle relaxants and hypnotics. When virtual reality games were used during the treatment of a burn patient, the patient said that he felt 75% less pain. Virtual reality games are also used in phobia therapy. For example, a game named "Spider World" can completely remove the fear of spiders. (5)

· A More Social Environment. You are mistaken if you think that gamers do not go out of their rooms and they cannot socialize for that reason. Nowadays, every game includes a multiplayer feature. Surveys show that 75% of the players are always online and in contact with other players. Moreover, this is a very large environment: From where they live, gamers can meet people on the other side of the world and make friends. Since the circle created in this way does not have a limit, the social environment of the players is much wider and bigger. For example, by playing the only World of Warcraft, you get access to a group of 12 million players.

But don’t forget that there is a difference between gaming and addiction: The benefits we talked about in this article are the result of a 1 – 2 hour daily gaming sessions. So if you are playing for 10-12 hours daily, you may be an addict and in need of a professional help.
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