Team points reset

by derflippi on 2017-02-05 21:25 CET
All Team points are reset to Zero.

The Winners of this Team Points Season (Winter 2016/17):
1 The Hive 3,125
triplekriz, DuckyNinja, dschidi, Lord_Cuddles

Not quite close there was 2nd/3rd place Teams
2 Deaths Serenade 1,646
Jinete_dV, Goldenas, djinx, Foomanjew343, Duodax
3 Friends Hype 1,417
Snap-Bolt, mtgmaster13, BenSteph

Team Season Winners of 2016:

Spring 2016 Team Titans
triplekriz, Scuta04, CoughDaze, Foomanjew343, artfranc007

Summer 2016 Deaths Serenade
Jinete_dV, Duodax, Foomanjew343, djinx, Goldenas

Autumn 2016 Team Deaths Serenade
Jinete_dV, Duodax, Foomanjew343, djinx, Goldenas

For the next Master, the team with the most points and all its members receive a round 1 Bye! For Masters after that, members need at least 100+ points to receive a Bye.

Also, there may come a change in how we work with teams in the close future.

Happy Playing!
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