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by Oppo on 2016-11-16 14:07 CET
There are many ways to make money on the internet. But it takes creativity and a little wit to actually live off the internet. The good thing is that even if you've never tried making money on the web before, it is something you can learn and implement even now. However, one thing you have to understand is that making money online is a journey. It doesn't happen in one night if you're focused in actually earning a living from the internet. So these are the 3 most popular ways of making money on the web.

1 Play real money games

This is perhaps news to you if you've never tried gambling on the internet before. Of course not every Tom, Dick and Harry will successfully gamble their way to riches. That's because most people play slot games or table games for recreational purposes. They never do it for purposes of making money.

So, how do you make money by playing slot games? Well, it depends with your strategy and way of approach. Professional gamblers don't focus on short term gains. They focus on long term wins, and that's where the idea of progressive slot games come in. If you are really determined to win the jackpot, then the best thing you can do is to select your favorite slot game and familiarize yourself with its tricks.

You can keep learning and implementing new strategies to help you have an edge in the house. Professional gamblers know what they should do once they are inside an online casino. They know the cards they should be looking for and those they should avoid. A good strategy is that which works for you in the long term. If it can guarantee a jackpot win, then it's worth it. It's even much better than most traditional 9-5 jobs.

2 Bet on sports games

If you're not into real money games and you still want to make money off the internet, you can try sports betting at your favorite sportsbook. The internet has a variety of sportsbook websites which offer the same services to bettors across the internet. Of course your success with sports betting also depends on the bookmaker which you're signed up with. That's why you need to choose a good bookmaker who has features that will help you realizing success in your betting endeavors.

And just like real money gambling, sports betting requires strategy and a distinct ability to analyze history, individual players, climate and so on. There are people who earn a living out of this, and you can't be an exception if you are really determined to make it happen.

3 You can bet on currencies

Forex trading is one of the most lucrative ways of making money on the internet. But it needs strategy as well. The good thing with currency trading is that all tools and resources needed to learn can be found on the internet for free. You can always practice your strategy on a demo account until you're confident about it. That way, you will have a fair advantage in the currency market.

The 3 methods above are the most realistic ways of making money online. But if you want to try the first 2, go to Royal Vegas online casino and have fun with the variety of slot games offered there. If you are a Canadian citizen and would like to get the most out of your money, search for promotions at Royal Vegas casino Canada. You will most likely find something worth signing up for since Royal Vegas online casino accommodates all types of players from all countries across the globe.
Comments (3)
by Grok on 2016-11-18 03:15 CET

It's one thing to put up advertisements to keep the lights on, it's another to post a dishonest article encouraging your users to literally donate their money to exploitative gambling services. Sure, it's labeled "sponsored content," but you're still allowing these views to be promoted on your site.

I'm sure you'll just delete this comment like you always do, Oppo, since I've never seen you respond positively to constructive criticism. But I really think you should reevaluate who you take money from. Is there really no one else willing to advertise on Magic League? There's a very good reason online gambling has been outlawed in most countries.

by nico on 2016-11-25 22:04 CET

uhmm, the link already says it is an online casino. What makes you think that the average person thinks it is a way to get rich?
I think the average person on magic-league is familiar with gambling and odds.
If you know better ways of earning money, please enlighten the staff. When you criticise the staff for the way they try to get money for prices that you can win, you better give an alternative. If you did that, you would be constructtive.

by Grok on 2016-11-28 21:01 CET


The title literally says "3 ways of making money online." If that's not trying to mislead people into giving money to the casino, then I don't know what is. Most intelligent people know that the house always wins, but the naive people who pour money into slot machines or sports betting are the real targets here.

Sure, some people come out ahead when gambling, but those people have calculated the odds and can only make money when playing against people who didn't calculate the odds. In games like Texas Hold'em, experienced players can grind out value over a long time, but again, it only provides a consistent income if they are playing against people who are bad at the game and don't know what they are doing. Same reason why casinos are profitable; no one makes money gambling unless naive players show up to donate money to the pool.

As for alternatives to funding Magic-League prizes, how about requesting donations from regular players? It's not like they give out very much money anyway, the prize is just a little incentive to play. Similarly, they could ask for support for web hosting costs via Patreon. Google ads is an option too.

Or, as I already suggested, the staff could try to find other businesses to partner with, ones that won't prey on Magic-League users. Sure, like you said, many Magic players are familiar with the poor odds of gambling. But many others pour an exorbitant amount of their income into Magic, which is basically a lite form of gambling. If we view Magic as the gateway drug, providing them with a direct link to the hard stuff (online casinos) is akin to leaving heroine lying around someone who occasionally smokes weed. It's an immoral thing to do however you slice it.

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