Judge Test Reset!

by Jinete_dV on 2016-04-07 02:41 CET
Are you interested in hosting magic-league events yourself? Become a Magic-League Judge!

There's a few prerequisites to be met:
You have been registered in the league for at least 30 days
You have played at least in 3 tournaments
You have not requested a test before (since last reset)

Click "Become a Magic-League Judge" on the left grid to proceed to the test!

The passing score is at least 7/10 right answers. Make sure to read the questions carefully and give small explanations for your answers. A simple "no" or "yes" will likely be graded as incorrect.

You can find some information of the previous judge test rotation at
http://magic-league.com/article/762/judge_test_questions_summer_2015.html and http://www.magic-league.com/article/754/judge_test_questions_spring_2015.html
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