Tournaments Calendar
Date Day Time Play
Format Tourney Type Rating
Nov 24 Fri 8 PM CET #magic-league Standard Tourney
Nov 25 Sat 12 AM CET #magic-league Modern Tourney
Nov 25 Sat 7 PM CET #magic-league Strict Tribal v2.1 Trial
Nov 26 Sun 12 AM CET #magic-league Modern Trial
Nov 26 Sun 6 PM CET #magic-league Legacy Tourney
Nov 26 Sun 11 PM CET #magic-league Standard Trial
Date Day Time Play
Format Tourney Type Rating
Nov 27 Mon 8 PM CET #magic-league Strict Tribal v2.1 Tourney
Nov 28 Tue 12 AM CET #magic-league RFT Tourney
Nov 28 Tue 9 PM CET #magic-league Standard Tourney
Nov 29 Wed 1 AM CET #magic-league Legacy Tourney

Play Application

Tournaments are played with any playing application. The most used application at the moment is "Cockatrice".


A Trial is a single elimination tournament where the winner(s) will get (a) Bye(s) for the upcoming Swiss Master tournament. This will mean that the player can start the Master a round later with a free win in the pocket.


The tournament structure of Masters is Swiss. Everyone can join a Master, unless the Master is called an "Invitational". For an Invitational, you need to qualify through Trials, high Ratings or a high Team ranking.


Other Tournaments

Most tournaments are not announced in the calendar but there are plenty of them in our Chatroom. Magic-League averages about 10 tournaments per day! They are usually single elimination, unless specifically stated otherwise.

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